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Comic workshops for schools, libraries etc

When you were a child, how cool would it have been if a grown-up had come to your school and ASKED you to draw silly cartoons for an hour, or even a whole day? That would have blown my tiny mind. Sadly it never happened to me, but now I regularly make it happen for kids today. Since 2006 I've led many cartooning workshops in schools and libraries, mostly (but by no means exclusively) within the West Midlands - in summer 2018 alone I did over 30 workshops in libraries around the country for the Beano-themed Summer Reading Challenge. I've also given talks on my career in schools and at Arts events.


My priority in a workshop is to get everyone drawing, especially the hesitant artists. I do this by alternating live drawing demonstrations with fun games and drawing exercises. By the end of an hour-long or 90 minute session, most kids - and grown-ups - have not only created their own characters, but have learned how to put together a basic story. Sessions lasting a whole day can cover a full range of cartooning skills, from character design through to writing a script and planning out a whole comic page. I specialise in funny comics, but most of the skills taught in my workshops are applicable to a range of genres.

If you're interested in having me visit your school, library or event, please fill in the below form with details of what you need. I have an enhanced DBS certificate, full public liability insurance, and an absolute obsession with getting kids to draw crazy things. I can devise workshops based on many themes, but if by any chance I can't meet your needs I'll be able to put you in touch with other workshopping comic artists who can.

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