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I've been working for the world's longest-running comic, the Beano, since 2007. I'm currently (as of 2020) drawing Minnie the Minx, although I've done many different strips over the years, including Tricky Dicky, Meebo & Zuky and Beano Manga.

Minnie the Minx Star Paws p03
Minnie the Minx Star Paws p04
Minnie the Minx Gnashosaur
Tricky Dicky sample page
Meebo & Zuky sample page
Beano Manga: Chess

Cartoon Network

In 2014 I was asked to contribute to BOOM! Studios' new Uncle Grandpa comic, and in 2015 I took over from Allison Strejlau as lead artist on their popular Regular Show series. I've also drawn two original Regular Show graphic novels.

Uncle Grandpa: Fat Fighters
Uncle Grandpa Fat Fighters p2
Regular Show Comic page 1
Regular Show Comic 3

Angry Birds

Angry Birds comic 1
Angry Birds Comic 2
Angry Birds Trojan Bird

Squawk! Crash! Samples of pages produced for Egmont's Angry Birds tie-in comic in 2015-2016.

The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan

A comic strip of my own creation combining the elegant satire of G&S, the fascinating history of mid-late 19th century London, and chibi manga. Allegedly. Has appeared in volumes 2 and 3 of the Best New Manga anthology books, and was published as a standalone title by Soaring Penguin Press in 2015.

Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan p1
Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan p2


Sweet magazine Comic
Flora & Fauna Comic
Slime Factory Comic
The Mighty M Comic
RoboCat Strip

This is just a small selection of the various one-off or limited run comic strips I've worked on. From L-R: Sweet comic, Moosekid Comics, Slime Factory magazine, The DFC, a sample strip for a magazine project.

Beano characters Copyright © DC Thomson & Co Ltd.
Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa Copyright © Cartoon Network

Gilbert Sullivan Babbage p2
Gilbert Sullivan Babbage p3
Gilbert Sullivan Babbage p1
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