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Cover images, puzzles and random illustrations from comics and annuals.

Beano Cover Min Apprentice
Beano Cover Queen Min
Dandy annual: Dinah Mo game
Meebo Zuky Christmas

Where's Gnasher?

A seek-and-find book I drew for Studio Press in 2019. Each of the 14 spreads has 12 Beano characters and secret elements to spot.

Where's Gnasher? Museum
Where's Gnasher? Horrible Hall
Where's Gnasher? The Zoo


Mostly fanart. What can I say, I enjoy drawing my favourite cartoon characters. It also helps me flex my style muscles.

Regular Show comic: Cover
Regular Show retro
Steven Universe characters 1
Steven Universe characters 2
Steven Universe characters 3
Steven Universe Wedding
Dipper and Mabel
Taz-Mania Bull and Axl

Caricatures / Portraits

I sometimes do portraits or caricatures of individuals on a private commission basis, or by request at comic conventions. Drop me an email for more details if you're interested.

Full colour portrait
Beano-themed portrait
Movember: Gallery of Mo
Haunted House

Commissions, personal projects, character designs and one-off illustrations for many titles, including Sweet magazine, Slime Factory, Toxic, the DFC and more.


DFC Mighty M cover
Toxic Comic: Extra-Cholesterol illustration
Sweet Magazine character designs
Slime Factory magazine: The Goo Crew
Thor White
Square Cat
Nadja and Laszlo
What We Do in the Shadows Group image

Beano Copyright © DC Thomson & Co Ltd.
Regular Show, Steven Universe © Cartoon Network

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